Why The Writing Community Should Embrace Marketing


There are more writers than ever before, or they’re at least easier to find. The internet has connected writers to one another, creating a vast network of creatives. As a whole, the internet has elevated the writing community, but one thing is missing – marketing. This is why the writing community must start embracing marketing strategies to grow their audience and make a profit.

The Origins of the Writing Community

In the late ’90s, the internet began to connect everyone. In addition to making information easier to find, it provided a space for creatives to network, collaborate, and even share their work.

Not only did the world wide web connect the writing community, but it imploded the publishing industry. No longer were traditional book contracts required. Instead, writers started to self-publish, post work on their websites and social media accounts, or even on publishing sites like Medium and Wattpad.

Here is where the phenomena has staggered.

While the publishing world continues to burst and expand with opportunities, writers have become stagnant. They write, network, and maintain their online presence.

But what about marketing?

You can post all day to Instagram or Twitter.

You can grow a massive following.

But what about getting an agents attention?  What about making actual money from book sales?

Marketing for Writers

If you’re a creative online, there are a few things that you know:

  • There are A LOT of writers online
  • There are A LOT of good writers online

Here are a few questions or thoughts that you’ve had, especially after dedicating long hours to your passion:

  • How do I stand out in the crowd?
  • I feel stuck. Where do I go from here? Where can I find resources?
  • Can I keep doing this? Is this all worth it?
  • Is it possible to make money from my writing?

The writing community has been faced with these questions for years. Marketing is the answer.

“I’m a Writer, Not a Marketing Expert”

We aren’t suggesting that you dive headfirst into what can feel like the expansive and thankless marketing universe.writing-community-setting-writing-goals-marketing-for-writers

Instead, we suggest taking the first two steps.

1.) What are your goals?

Do you want more readers? Do you want to make sales? Set 1 and 5-year goals to start.

2.) What are your Strengths?

Do you specialize in a genre? Do you thrive at open-mic events? Are you good at speaking to people?

Strength-Based Marketing for Writers

With your strengths and long-term goals in mind, you can create a marketing plan that works for you – that helps you standout from the rest of the writing community.

Rather than looking at a broad, expensive, and time-consuming marketing plan (with over 20 suggestions), go where you market it – where your readers are.

For example, if you thrive at spoken word events, you can make connections and be featured on live art or poetry podcasts.

If you specialize in writing new age experimental sci-fi, using targeted pay-per-click ads can get your work in front of your target audience.

Marketing Changes Writing Community for The Better

You’ve probably heard the phrase “work smarter, not harder.”

The writing community is vast and incredibly talented. If you want to start growing your sales, expanding your audience, and getting your work in front of the right people, don’t wait for them to come to you.

Instead, employ targeted digital marketing strategies. The results will amaze you, because the fact is, marketing for writers isn’t hard.

If you need any help developing your strategy, contact our experts. After all, our CEO is a creative writer.

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