Who We Work With

RN Marketing Collective works exclusively with creative entrepreneurs. Our combined talents, backgrounds, and expertise mean that for this group of humans in particular, our digital marketing services are most effective.

Who or What is a Creative Entrepreneur?

Creative entrepreneurs use their skills and knowledge to make a living. Oftentimes, these business owners rely on out-of-the-box thinking, their local networks, and are ingenious problem solvers.

You’re talented. We haven’t met you, and we already know this – because being a creative entrepreneur takes talent, guts, and most importantly, hard-work. 

For all these reasons, we choose to serve you and this amazing community of business owners.

Still wondering if you fit into this category?

Here are some examples of creative entrepreneurs. Like the designation itself, this group of individuals works in a variety of sectors.

Sustainability Firms / Products

Niche brick-and-mortar stores

Real Estate





Outdoor Activities / Nature Conservancy

Sales of “non-traditional” products

Creative Entrepreneurs Deserve More

For so long, creative entrepreneurs have been ignored. Marketing companies have failed to develop sustainable and affordable solutions to this demographic of business owners.  

RN Marketing Collective is founded by a creative entrepreneur who recognized this very problem. 

As an organization, we seek to serve this community specifically; oftentimes, it’s these types of businesses facilitate positive cultural change, uplift struggling communities, and even provide a platform for those also seeking unique business ventures.  

Together, we’ll develop a marketing strategy that works for you, your business, and your budget.