What is SEO? Why Does it Matter for my Business?


You’ve probably heard the term SEO. Whether you’re familiar with it, or have never heard of it before, SEO matters and 1,000% impacts your business. Utilizing SEO practices helps potential clients find you, which is always a good thing, right? Learning more about SEO, and how to leverage it for your business, is a vital part of any successful digital marketing strategy.

What is SEO?

The acronym that stands for “search engine optimization.” In reality, SEO is the process of integrating keywords and commonly searched phrases into your content to increase your organic traffic on search engines.

SEO practices can be integrated into websites, images, Google My Business pages, and through backlinks.

The most successful digital marketing strategies include a comprehensive SEO vision.

Why Does it Matter?

If you want to rank higher in Google (we’re talking page 1), SEO is critical.

Let’s say you’re a real estate agent in Denver. When you search “Real Estate Agents Denver,” like many people do, what websites does Google show them?

If you’re new to the industry or don’t even have a website, here’s a cold hard fact: Not you.

Because of this, guess what happens?

The business goes to someone else. Someone with an SEO strategy.what-is-seo-denver-colorado

You might be saying “Well, that search doesn’t apply to me.” That’s a possibility but go ahead – do a search into Google that’s relevant to your business. Unless you have a super niche business, live in a small town, and have no competition, you won’t appear on page 1.

A small few rank on page one by happenstance, and props to those founders – you’re at the frontier and pushing boundaries wherever you are, whatever you specialize in. For all of us, your ingenuity is good, because it suggests changing times and an openness to innovation.

If you aren’t one of these very few and lucky entrepreneurs, then getting to page 1 is a battle, especially without an SEO strategy.

Maybe you’re on page 2, and that’s a start, but it’s not what’s going to get you clients or sales.

SEO Statistics for 2020

Still aren’t convinced? Here are the SEO statistics for 2020.

  • 75% of consumers never scroll past page 1 on Google.
  • “Where to buy” and “near me” searches on mobile devices have increased 200% over the last 2 years.
  • “Best” and “right now” searches have increased by 125% over the last 2 years.
  • After conducting a local search, 75% of consumers visit store locations within a 5-mile radius.
  • Just over 22% of search queries on Google return images.

These statistics demonstrate the importance of SEO. You might have the most innovative business model, or truly offer the most superior services, but if no one can find you, none of that matters.

What Can Search Engine Optimization Help With?

Imagine this: if you invest time and effort into your SEO strategy, the possibilities are endless. Not only will you see increased traffic to your website, but you’ll gain a larger social presence, get more leads, and ultimately make more sales.

Here are some possibilities:

If you have questions about developing and optimizing your website and content for SEO, reach out to us. Our experts are happy to help you unlock your business’ potential.

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