Transforming Your Creative Brand During a Crisis


Our CEO, Rachel R. Noall was a recent guest on the Transform U! podcast. In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, she speaks to something that’s on the minds of every entrepreneur: transforming your creative brand during a crisis.

Check out the full Transform U! episode here, or take a sneak peek at some of these highlights.

RN Marketing Collective on Transform U!

Founding RN Marketing Collective

“RN Marketing Collective was inspired by my own journey as a poet. And when I kind of started down that path, I realized that there’s a lot of false information out there.

If you’re a creative business owner, you don’t always know what you’re getting into when you sign marketing contracts. And unless you have a marketing degree, it’s really hard to know what’s actually going to grow your business. I’m here to provide solutions for those people in very transparent, very measurable, very affordable ways because I think that it’s creative entrepreneurs who really help our communities grow beneficially.” What-is-seo-denver

“We get to invest in clients that I’m really passionate and excited about. The thing about it is, to really get your name out there and just start tackling things like business SEO and start getting PR, you don’t need tens of thousands of dollars to do that. I was really, really sick of seeing marketing companies do that to people. That’s why I started this firm.”

Business Owners vs. Marketing Experts

“When you’re a business owner, your job is not to know marketing. Your job is to surround yourself with people who know marketing and can make those executive decisions for you.”

On Teaching Marketing Principles

“I think that’s so important and so empowering for business owners and creatives to understand and kind of take these new duties and knowledge under their own wing and integrate it themselves. That is such a priority for me as well. Because, again, we’ve got to share the wealth, we’re all here to help each other. And again, it’s these kinds of businesses that really help communities grow for the better.”

Marketing During A Crisis

Do’s and Don’ts

“Well, I’ve seen and I keep having conversations with people about this. I’m scrolling through Instagram and I have seen some cringe-worthy marketing during COVID-19 and these are from companies that make… I mean, they’re worth billions of dollars. Just some really terrible marketing that has to do with this crisis and completely downplays how serious this is.” marketing-during-COVID-19

“…it’s so important that instead of driving sales, you’re trying to build a community. And during that community building you need to provide, whether it’s potential clients in the future or just people you’re networking with, provide people with something that’s value-added. […] What can you provide to your community and your network and all of that without worrying about making a sale. Because authenticity right now is so important and providing services is so important. So whatever you can do to put good vibes out into the world, do that because trust me, that will come back to you. In terms of whether it’s partnerships, whether it’s opportunities, whether it’s introductions to people or ultimately sales. But right now the mindset needs to not necessarily be about making money, but about making connections and helping your fellow humans and business owners.”

A Few Marketing Tips Through This Crisis

“… I would definitely be reaching out to podcasters. I would definitely be spending a little bit of money on pay per click advertising right now. And then again, any kind of storytelling you can do, whether that’s through blogs, whether that’s through Instagram stories.”

Words of Wisdom for New Creative Brands

“My advice to you is, or to anyone who’s listening who wants to start a business or is in the midst of starting a business, again, during this really challenging time, is to stay focused and remember that this is a long game. Building a business from the ground up, especially out of something that might’ve been a passion project or might have been a far off dream, it’s hard, it’s not easy.

There are tons of resources out there and there are tons of people in the same position as you. So find those people who are in the midst of it, learn from them, and continue to put good things out into the world. In my mind, even if your business doesn’t become, necessarily, what you want it to it, it will point you in the direction that you’re supposed to be in. Keep up the hustle, keep grinding, keep making connections. And at the end of the day, if there’s anything that you have questions about or need help with, always feel free to contact me.”

Have Questions about Transforming Your Creative Brand?

RN Marketing Collective is happy to help. Contact us, and we’ll get back to you soon.

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