Do’s and Don’ts: Marketing During COVID-19


Small businesses everywhere have come to not one, but many cross-roads. Many are trying to find ways to stay afloat. More are looking for ways to keep the lights on, and their amazing employees paid. A few are thinking about marketing during COVID-19. For those in the latter group, we have some advice.

The COVID-19 Crisis

Right now, all over the world, tensions are high. Businesses are hurting, and consumers are stressed for cash. This is the reality of the COVID-19 crisis, which has not only impacted generations of humans but the medical sphere and the entire global economy.

While we can’t be together (because we are all responsibly practicing social distancing), fostering and building a community is more important than ever.

If you’re a business that is lucky enough not to be in a financial crater-sized pothole, it’s important that you navigate this crisis from a value-added, community-based, perspective.

Don’ts: Marketing during COVID-19

Here are a few things you shouldn’t do, because being a good human is important.

  • Asking your peers and network how they’re surviving, and then offering to buy businesses that aren’t for sale.
  • Insensitive discussions or marketing creatives that ignore the seriousness of this crisis.
  • Capitalizing on and price gouging essential medical equipment
  • Attacking the competition by name

Now, some of you might read this and say, “Of course not, why would I do any of these things?”

All you have to do is scroll through Instagram to know that plenty of companies and small businesses are doing these things. When you see it, you’ll have that bad taste in your mouth. Also, you’ll probably never buy another product or service from them in the near or foreseeable future.

Don’t make the same mistake.

Do’s: Marketing During COVID-19

Right now, the world feels incredibly isolated. It’s a weird balance of knowing what’s happening in the world, but not being able to commiserate about it. Often, during times of crisis and even conflict, humans gather in communities where they feel safe and supported, and physically that isn’t allowed right now. marketing-during-COVID-19

As a creative entrepreneur, you can use this time to build a community. Here are some ideas for great, effective, and value-added marketing during the COVID-19 crisis.

Host a Zoom Happy Hour

Invite your business network to a Zoom happy hour.

During the meeting, have everyone share their needs and offerings. This way, the group can connect with one another based on their skills, struggles, and strengths during this time.

Not only does this bring people together, but it gives you a chance to steer others through this hard time.

Do Something for Free

What companies do you consistently support? Chances are, at some point, they’ve done something for free.

Whether it was a donation, a free consultation, a massive giveaway, or something good for the environment, consumers and potential clients remember these organizations.

A small offering, like a free 15-minute consultation, helps everyone. First of all, it keeps you sharp if you’re experiencing a lull in work. Most importantly, it shows your community and potential clients that you’re invested in their success, and right now, that matters.

Share Your Successes and Failures

If you aren’t already, now is a good time to share your successes and failures with others.

Not only do you provide a window into your business practices and philosophies, but prevent others from making similar mistakes.

Offering this kind of advice helps to build your credibility and authority in your sector.

Marketing During COVID-19 Informs the Future

How you practice marketing during the COVID-19 crisis informs potential clients about what they can expect from you in the future.

Represent yourself and your business well by providing value-added opportunities for others to grow. When all of this subsides and life returns to some kind of normalcy, your peers and community will remember you – the question is, how?

If you have questions, or want to jump on a brainstorming session with us, contact us anytime. We’re all in this together.

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