Creative Businesses Need Creative Marketing Solutions


Marketing principles can feel generic. When it comes to your business – your passion, who wants generic anything? No more cookie-cutter approaches to marketing. Instead, you need marketing that is tailored to your business. Creative businesses need creative marketing solutions.

creative-businesses-creative-marketing-denverWhat Makes Creative Businesses Thrive?

Behind every creative business is a founder with a vision. It’s quite possible, too, that this vision has been criticized as “unsustainable” or “too hypothetical.”

Oftentimes, these creative business leaders have identified a problem, and with ingenious problem-solving skills, have sought to create systems, products, or offer a service that solves this problem.

These leaders can be successful alone. They rely on local networks of people who have similar visions. Together, even across sectors, these business owners work to lift one another up. Whether it’s through vital connections, creative collaboration with other businesses, or more formal partnerships, creative people help one another.

Another component, something that’s often forgotten or dismissed, is marketing. We’re not talking about standard marketing here. We’re referring to creative marketing practices that match your business’s needs.

What does Creative Marketing mean?

Despite what some agencies will tell you, there’s no formula for successful marketing. The fact is, every business is unique, and that requires out-of-the-box thinking.

In our mind’s creative marketing is or includes:

  • Campaigns that you see and think about for hours, days, weeks into the future
  • Branding that resonates not just with a specific product, but builds community
  • Honest, value-added, messaging

Creative Marketing is NOT a set of must-haves or to-dos. Creative businesses thrive on ingenuity – shouldn’t their marketing firm as well?

How we Develop Creative Marketing Strategies

First and foremost, creative marketing requires a deep knowledge of your creative businesses. To find ways to reach your target audience, we want to know your origin story: Why this? Why now? What makes you different?

From here we evaluate what you already have. For example:

  • What marketing assets do you already have? (If any – none is okay!)
  • Who, in your option, is your ideal customer?
  • Do you have inventory?
  • What does your ideal sales funnel look like?
  • What vital partners do you have? Are you a member of any creative communities?
  • Are you on social media?

From here, our experts, who are creatives themselves, will research on your target market, make recommendations about next steps, and create a proposal.

None of the creative businesses that we work with are the same. They each have different markets, work in different sectors, and have different budgets. This is why, at RN Marketing Collective, we develop a unique strategy for each of our clients.

How Does the Process Help our Clients?

When you’re not a marketing professional, navigating marketing for your business can seem nearly impossible.

Not only do we aim to provide creative businesses with a tangible path forward, but one that helps them reach their business goals. Our company was founded by a creative entrepreneur, and we know how valuable learning about sustainable marketing practices can be.

For creative businesses, there’s really only one option: creative marketing. If you’re looking for flexible, motivated, and passionate people to add to your network, RN Marketing Collective is here to help.

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