Book Marketing Tips for New Writers


If you’re a writer, there are a few things that you’re sure of: the publishing world crazy, and book marketing is hard. We feel you. The industry is ever-changing, and when you’re ready to self-publish, book marketing can feel like a whole other hurdle. These tips will help you confidently market your new book.

Create a Website

You’re an author now – hell yeah!

If you want people to find your new book, or future published pieces, it’s time to create a website. Having a website does a few things.

First, it establishes your online presence. Unless you’re using a pseudonym, there’s a chance that your high school sports stats could pop up first when an eager reader wants to Google you. book-marketing-tips

Having a website helps you build SEO, or search engine optimization. Ultimately, as you post more on your website, you can work your author website up to the first search result in Google – and that’s a big deal.

In addition, having a website allows you to communicate directly with your readers. Not only can they find out where to buy your books from your website, but they can learn more about your writing process and background. A website provides a forum for communication, and most importantly, communication that you control entirely.

Establish Social Media Accounts

We live in a social world, where word-of-mouth and accessibility mean everything. Don’t shirk at authors creating and growing their social media presence.

On social media, authors have all of the options.

You can use your accounts for book marketing, as a way to get sneak-peeks to your readers, or as a way to share your behind-the-scenes writing process.

Both Twitter and Instagram have active communities where authors can thrive. Not only will you be able to network with other writers, but you’ll find readers eager to enjoy your work. Reading communities are booming. Ever heard of #bookstagram?

On LinkedIn, tap into your professional network. Share with your community how your book will help them power through the week. How it provides a refreshing break during their day. How it will help inspire them to do xyz…

We get it – social media isn’t for everyone, but it’s important to recognize the role social media can play in your book marketing strategy.

Get on Podcasts

A decade ago, very few knew about podcasts. Now, there are over 900,000 podcasts, and guess what? There is a whole segment dedicated to writers, readers, and those interested in your genre.

Want to create some buzz about your new book? book-marketing-on-podcasts

It’s time to be a guest on podcasts. Not only will you get exposed to a whole new audience of readers, but you’ll get to tell your story.

In an audio format, podcasts are an amazing storytelling medium – there’s no better way to market your new book.

Additionally, from an SEO perspective, a podcast backlink will not only boost your website in Google, but help more people find you organically.

Book Marketing = Sales

Marketing your book can feel like an uphill battle, but if you follow these tips, book marketing doesn’t have to be a chore. Instead, it can be an opportunity for you to expand your network, build authority online, and make sales.

Want help creating with your book marketing strategy? Need help following these tips? Contact us – we’re here to help!

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